My New Favourite London Cafe: Daisy Green

Gluten and dairy free eating can be difficult even in health conscious London! Whenever I find anywhere with yummy dairy and gluten free options my stomach does a little victory dance. But when I found Daisy Green; a boutique cafe with yummy gluten and dairy free options, friendly staff and a cosy atmosphere it wasn’t just my stomach doing a victory dance!


I went for a chicken breast skewer with roasted butternut squash and puy lentils and chickpeas. It was delicious. I nearly fell off my chair when I tried the butternut squash (in a good way), it felt like my fork was diving into a luxury pudding! This was all washed down with Earl Grey tea with soya milk and they were more than happy to give me a soya milk top up as I like my tea milky.

I am on a “drink more water” drive and they even had that covered!


There’s also gorgeous cakes for the sweet of tooth and a nice Valentines themed collection!



Check them out:
Daisy Green
20 Seymour Street



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