What to do with a day,
Or 24hours as they say,
Kiefer Sutherland manages a lot,
But should you or should you not,
Cram in everything you can,
Surely no-ones as busy as that man.

Saving the world in a day,
Would cause me great dismay,
What about breakfast,
Missing that first meal is reckless,
I mean Kiefer does look cool with a gun,
But we all know guns are never for fun,
How does he survive,
And keep his family alive,
The rest of us would be in shell-shock,
Also can he hear the ticking clock?

He manages the pressure very well,
He’d be great at event management you can tell,
Imagine Kiefer as a wedding planner,
He might need work on his manner,

But at thinking on his feet he’d be swell.


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