An ode to Larry Lamb

Today on Hoxton Radio we’ll be interviewing Larry Lamb,

We hope he enjoys his time with Helen and Sam (me),

You may remember him as Mick in Gavin and Stacey,

With his lovely wife Pamelaaaar who was a little racey,

You’ll have seen him on Eastenders too,

When he joined as part of the Mitchell crew,

In true soap style he came to an untimely end,

But New Tricks was waiting for him around the bend,

He even did a stint of radio on LBC,

So I’ll ask if he’s got any tips for me,

The father of hottie George also off the TV,

There’s more to this Londoner than what you see,

An oil worker by trade before acting came on the scene,

He did a show with Joanna Lumley when he was still green,

He had speaking parts in Superman 1 and 3,

And we can’t wait to ask him about all this over a cup of tea!

Listen to ‘Helen and Sam: Ladies What Brunch’ on Hoxton Radio to hear our interview with Larry Lamb. Saturday’s 10am-12noon, listen via the Tune In app or at


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