Hollywood: It’s all a stunt!

Hollywood, that dazzling place,

With some of the strangest specimens of the human race,

It’s the business of show and all that that means,

Sparkles and glamour, stars busting from its seams,

Film lots and film sets and camera crews,

Celebrities who end up in the news,

Directors shouting “Action” that most famous of words,

The command that gets extras moving in their herds,

It basically means “go” but that doesn’t sound as exciting,

“Go” wouldn’t fit in with all that over-dramatic writing.

Stuntmen and women get most of the action,

Car chases, great heights and many a violent interaction,

They risk their safety to get a good shot,

Creating great action sequences to weave into the plot,

Where would we be without Johnny Depp’s stunt double,

Pirates of the Caribbean would certainly be in trouble,

The importance of these action pieces shouldn’t be under-rated,

And stunt men and women really should be celebrated.



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