Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has let it all go,

Her clothes I mean and she’s doing it for show,

In ‘The Paper’ she displays her naked physique,

The story has been trending on Twitter all week,

She’s gone full frontal, yes there’s nothing she hides,

But the main focus is that cushion used for bumpy car rides.


Her bottom protrudes like a glazed cherry,

So shiny and round making many men merry,

The latest craze is to superimpose her bum,

Onto homer and morph and a horse just for fun,

Did Kim ever imagine her bottom would become,

A cartoon mouth or the back end of our plasticine chum,

To Kim my advice is that she oils up with care,

She might slide off the loo and damage her humongous derrière…

Or maybe she’d bounce.


Kim Kardashian, The Paper


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